Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Sixth Grade Curriculum Choices

Since I NEVER just followed the textbook when I taught Language Arts, it is only normal for me not to have been 100% satisfied with ONE curriculum choice, therefore, I have decided to pick and choose the best textbooks for my son. He will not be formally enrolled in one curriculum but instead, I have selected what I considered, in my most humble opinion, the best of the best in each subject for the sixth grade. I was also happy to select some books that would actually take him from 6th to 7th in the same text (less money to spend next year). So here's my choice for the BEST curriculum for 6th Grade:

Religion: Baltimore Catechism I, also we will study The Four Gospels (2 year cycle)

Science: Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition - Apologia (2 year cycle)

Social Studies: From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America - Catholic Schools Textbook Project/Ignatius Press (2 year cycle)

Latin: Latina Christiana I - Memoria Press (2 year cycle)

Spanish: Spanish I - Cliff's

Math: Mathematics 7/6 - Saxon (aiming for 1/2 year and then transitioning into Algebra 1/2)

Reading: The Reading and Writing Sourcebook - Great Source

Writing: Strategies for Writers - Zaner/Bloser

Handwriting: Handwriting 5/6 - Zaner/Bloser

Word Study/Spelling: Word Study & Phonics - Spectrum

P.E./Health: Theology of the Body for Teens & continue Tennis Lessons with Coach Moore

So that's it, I'm so excited. Our books are in and I've began planning. Guillermo is super excited (maybe even more than I)...he keeps saying, "Mami, I'm gonna be homeschooled!" I love it! :) I'll post on my choices for the little guys in another post as I have to keep following our schedule some (trying to get the kids adjusted to a school-like schedule before starting the actual teaching). Gotta run...