Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teaching Spanish/Ensenando Espanol

I religiously follow this blog/webpage: www.spanglishbaby.com, because they have such great ideas and suggestions, and of course research, on how to teach and the benefits of teaching Spanish (or any other language) to your children. I think it's a shame that I haven't been more pro-active about this with my last three kids. It was so much easier with my oldest son. He was the only child for seven years so I was able to keep him speaking Spanish only up until his fourth birthday. Then I started teaching him English and kept speaking in Spanish as well. He is 11 now and well versed in Spanish as he can read it well. I would like to teach him how to be a better writer, so I'v ebeen looking for programs on how to do just that!

My other children are a different story. My husband doesn't speak, or I should say isn't fluent in Spanish. We speak English, mainly at home so that's what they hear. They have picked up a couple of words watching Dora/Diego so at least they have heard it some. With my baby, I'm speaking to him in Spanish only and Daddy will do the English. I've been looking for a program to teach my 3 and 4 year olds, thinking something like a workbook and flash cards. Well, while trolling through the site I mentioned above, I found they were giving things away this summer. Here's the info on that if you are interested: http://www.spanglishbaby.com/2009/06/bilingual-fun-spanish-for-children-dvd-series . I also found a link with information on ideas to teach Spanish in a fun way. Never did it cross my mind to do it hands on! Playing songs, games, and twisting popular American games into Spanish lessons sounds like so much fun! I think I'd enjoy doing that and flashcards for review, and books of course. Instead of the workbook idea. Thank you SpanglishBaby!

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