Monday, May 18, 2009

Curriculum: Some Peace of Mind

So in my quest for the right curriculum for my children, I have some sound peace of mind in two areas. One, writing and two, religion.

I'll start with writing. Of all the programs I used as a Language Arts teacher in both in
elementary and middle schools, the simplest and most versatile one I've seen is the Four Squares Writing Method. I love it because it can be used from Pre-K to Middle School and you can build it up as the years go by. It is also pretty cost effective as you can create a lot of the promp
ts/topics on your own as well as making the organizers (to brainstorm) either by hand or using a program like Publisher.

If you are interested in using this method, you would start with their basic book, The Four Square Writing Method. There is a book for grades 1-3, another for 4-6, and yet another for grades 7-9. I used the 7-9 in my sixth grade classroom. It worked just fine! In retrospect, I wish I would have been able to use this program solely in my classroom but I had to follow the grammar book in addition to teaching Writing so I could only use it as a supplement. For my home school, I will be using it as the curriculum. You can pick up a copy of this method on eBay or at your local teacher store (sometimes expensive).

Now for religion, my husband and I love the Baltimore Catechism so we will be using that for the kids as well. The Baltimore Catechism, used in most parochial schools until the 1
960's, was written in the 1800s. Come to think of it, while my son used the Loyola Press book in class at the Catholic school he attended, my husband and I supplemented with the Baltimore. So it is definitely a no brainer as to what we are using for Religion. My eldest would be doing first year Confirmation Prep-can't believe it!!! Didn't he just make his First Communion? I'm so in denial!

In addition to the Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism we will be using the New Missal Latin Book 1 to learn the parts of the Extraordinary Mass as well as learning Latin. So it gives us a two in one. I know that others really recommend Prima Latina to teach Latin, I have to look into that one.

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