Thursday, May 21, 2009

I stand Corrected

Todd, my DH, was looking at some of the texts I like for the kids (mainly the two eldest) and mentioned that the Baltimore Catechism that I was referring to was the wrong one.  The NEW St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism was apparently written in the 70's and not the one we would like for our children to use.  BACK STORY:  My DH is a convert, celebrated his 15th year in the Church this Easter.  He was baptized in the Weslayan Church and converted at 24 years old (LOL, do the math).  I've noticed a pattern in people who convert, they tend to be very traditional in their faith; otherwise, it would look like the same old thing.

Anyway, back to the correct book.  The one we would like to use is the Baltimore Catechism No. 1 By: Third Plenary Council of Baltimore.  It is the original 1885 edition.  We are going ahead and getting No. 2 & 3 (the companion books) since the grade range is 4-7.  The set is relatively inexpensive and I found it here.

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